The Thai pages are live!

  May 13.2020

Hello Thailand! The Thai pages in the website are live. Book your 60-minute live lessons! Teacher Charlie is looking forward to meeting You!

Teaching really goes online

  May 6.2020

The new academic year was to begin in the middle of May in Thailand. Now it’s set for 1st July.
But what are all the students doing at home?
To help out, all the teachers in my new school will have to produce video lessons for the students. We have begun preparing this week. I was the first to volunteer in my department. It went well. The lesson topic was colours. A very entertaining topic. Beginners love it and teachers too.

Why not try learning English online with your very young kid? Colours are easy! Learn English online with Charlie!

Book your live lesson with Charlie

  April 29.2020

The calendar is functioning perfectly. Now it’s time for a direct mail campaign. The link will be sent to some potential students.
Booking is easy and You just have to click on the Zoom link in our email to join the meeting.

Are You a student looking for online English practice?
Book your live lesson with Charlie!

Booking functionality

  April 22.2020

The booking functionality in the online calendar is live. The calendar is in Bangkok time. Book your live lesson with Charlie!

1) Choose a date in the calendar!
2) Select service: Live Lesson
3) Click on Next!
4) Select Time!
5) Click on Next again!
6) Fill in the required fields!
7) Click Book Now!

You will get an automatic email.
Your Zoom link will be sent to You in the next email. (You can click on the link to find out if you can see yourself.)
We’ll meet at the selected time in Zoom!

See You there!


  April 1.2020

Just like most countries, Thailand is locked down too. I decided to stay. Let’s see what happens. Actually, this is a great time to teach English online. Isn’t that a good idea? Why not try to build an online clientele? English for beginners! 60-minute lessons. Book your live lesson with Teacher Charlie!

Same city, new school

  March 11.2020

I will continue my career as an English teacher at another school in the same city. It is an elementary school and I will be teaching the youngest classes, so 5 to 6 year olds. I’m excited. It is close to the age group that I taught in 2018. The first semester is set to begin in the middle of May. Until then let’s travel a bit!

Last week in school

  February 26.2020

This is the last week in the school. My contract is finished. The head of the department is very satisfied with my job, but I’m weighing other options too. I’ll keep you updated. Until then enjoy the summer break.


  February 12.2020

Lots of revision in the past weeks. The students have to prepare for the final tests. They’ve come a long way in the past year. It’s time to demonstrate what they have learnt.


I’m teaching warnings

  January 22.2020

Students will practise how to warn others and heed a warning. Don’t … If I were you, I would/wouldn’t … It’s not a good idea to … It’s a bad idea to … Look out for … Watch out for … Be careful … – You’re right. I guess so. Good thinking. That’s true. Yes, I suppose you’re right.


  January 15.2020

Students will practise how to express annoyance and calm someone down. I’m sick and tired of … I’m fed up with … I won’t tolerate … any more. I’ve had enough of … I’m absolutely furious about … I’ve had it with … – Calm down. Take it easy. Relax. Simmer down. Keep your hair on. Don’t get so worked up.