I’m teaching indefinite articles

  July 3.2019

I’m teaching indefinite articles “a” and “an” this week. Then students will practice how to use „How much?” and „How many?” Are you ready for a parts of speech quiz too? You have to put the words in the correct category (nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives).

I’m teaching countable and uncountable nouns

  June 26.2019

I’m teaching countable and uncountable nouns this week. Students will practice „is” and „has” contractions and this/that/these/those. We are reviewing adverbs of frequency too. Lots of grammar exercises this week.

I’m teaching present progressive

  June 19.2019

I’m teaching present progressive this week for the younger kids. „What are you doing?” Of course I draw a timeline. Giving reasons is our topic with the older children. We are practising Why and Because. We are also learning about animals and adjectives. I’m teaching to the students the words „beautiful”, „fast”, „funny”, „dangerous”, „friendly”, „intelligent”, „cute”, „tall”, „fat”, „strong”, „ugly”, „colourful”, and „interesting”. “What animal are you afraid of? Why?” Making suggestions and agreeing for the oldest classes. We are also talking about the environment. They like the topic.

I’m teaching family relations

  June 12.2019

Family members and family tree are our topics for the younger classes this week. I’m teaching words like „nephew”, „niece”, „sister-in-law”, „brother-in-law”, „uncle”, „aunt”, etc. Plus telling the time. Gerund as object of verb and emotions for the older ones. Students will learn how to use the verbs „like”, „love”, „enjoy”, „hate”, plus the words ”sleepy”, „bored”, „funny”, „angry”, „happy”, „sad”, „frightened”, „nervous”. Requesting help and expressing admiration for the oldest ones.

What makes you happy? Teaching English to beginners is what makes me happy.

I’m teaching frequency adverbs and expressions of frequency

  June 5.2019

I’m teaching frequency adverbs and gerund as object of verb to the young ones. Who, What, Where questions are next, with Yes or No questions. Frequency adverbs and expressions of frequency for the older classes. Plus how to use the verb “like”. Describing people and apologising and accepting an apology for the end of the class.

Teaching begins

  May 29.2019

I’m teaching introduction and expressions of frequency. Who they are, what they like, what their favourite anything is, and how often they do things. The older classes are good at this topic. They can introduce themselves and they can talk about what they like.

We will have to write lesson plans for each class, which is taken for granted. Actually, I find it easier to teach if I have a good lesson plan. Writing a lesson plan is not time wasted, it’s an investment.

English for beginners

  May 22.2019

This is really the first week. We practise introduction, the verb “to be” and school subjects with the younger classes. It goes something like this with the older classes too, with more free conversation. They are happy to learn and I am happy to teach English. I also got some textbooks that help to estimate how much the students know.

My accommodation is about 10-12 minutes on foot from the school, so I’ll just walk there every day. The colleagues are fun too. We are enjoying ourselves as English teachers.

First day in school

  May 15.2019

This has been my first day in school. The teachers are helpful, the kids are nice, I have a desk in the teacher’s room, all is fine. I got my timetable. I will teach around 800 students in classes of 40-45. They are between 12 and 17 years of age.

I had my first classes too. I started with a long introduction and asked the students questions to find out about their level of English. They are mostly at beginner (A1) and elementary (A2) levels, with some really exceptional intermediate (B1) students.

We were told we had to focus on speaking and listening skills. Great! Let’s get into it!

In Thailand again

  May 8.2019

After some teaching and travelling in Vietnam I flew back to Thailand. School begins on 15th May, so I have to arrive, find accommodation, find the school and meet the staff. I’m excited. There are only a few days left so I don’t have much time to travel around the country. It’s ok, I’ve been to many places in the past. I love the food, the beaches and the people here, I’ll be fine. Getting ready to teach English for beginners. Well, are they really beginners? We’ll find out soon.

XIN CHÀO Vietnam

  March 20.2019

I’m in my beloved Vietnam. I’ve travelled in the country extensively in the past. I know the sights, I know the cuisine, I know the people. I actually know a Vietnamese English teacher who teaches at a private English school. They invited me as a guest teacher to join in some of the classes. The students are 7 to 8 years of age. All beginners. They are excited about my arrival. I introduce myself in English, they introduce themselves in English, then we sing some songs and play games. They can also ask questions. They are curious. Some vocabulary practice with flashcards ensues, and at the end we play ball outside. We make friends quickly. They would like to meet me again. Ok, I can teach some more English to them. They can practise their speaking and listening skills. Check out some of the photos.