It went fast

  February 27.2019

A high school wants to hire me in Thailand. They need foreign English teachers. The students in the school are between 12 and 18 years of age. Class sizes are 40 to 45. They provide textbooks. Sounds good to me. Now what shall I do until school begins? I’ll travel some more in Thailand and then I hop over to Vietnam to visit an old friend. Now I have the travel bug again.

สวัสดีครับ Thailand

  February 20.2019

I’m back after a short hiatus. I had to tie up loose ends at home, organise my trip, get ready and say good bye. I’m in Thailand now. Feels like home. It’s good to be back after so many years. The academic year begins in the middle of May and I’m trying to land a job as an English teacher. The prospects are good. I came in the right time and I have some contacts. I have already sent out my resume to some places. I’ll keep you updated.

Dear Kindergarten!

  December 19.2018

Dear Kindergarten! Thank you for the time that we spent together, thank you for the colleagues, thank you for the lovely, warm memories, and for being a part of my life. Children, I hope you will remember me later too, as we meet on the street in the future. Best regards, Teacher Charlie

It is public

  December 12.2018

Now the kindergarten children know that I am going to leave. They are sad, but they will get over it soon, I’m sure. We will miss each other. Seven more days in the kindergarten and the winter holiday begins. And I will not come back to them after that. I will begin to prepare for a new chapter in my life.

I made up my mind

  December 5.2018

I talked to the owner and managing director of the kindergarten where I work. It wasn’t easy. She really would like me to stay. I am torn. I really love the kids and my colleagues and I’ve learnt so much here. But my other half wants to go. I know if I don’t go soon, I will look at it as a lost opportunity. Teaching English abroad. Yes, I really want to do that. New kids are waiting for me there too. And we don’t burn the bridges…

Waiting for the snow

  November 28.2018

It hasn’t snowed yet this winter, but the weather is cold now. It amuses me that the kids I work with are so young that they find it difficult to find out how the seasons follow each other. They are so looking forward to the snow. They want to build a snowman. They’ll see that the snow can be really cold. They’ll have to put on gloves otherwise their tiny fingers will freeze.

A little secret for you

  November 21.2018

So here’s a little secret. Ever since I left Thailand in 2011 they contact me every year. They would like me to go back to teach English there. It’s a good feeling. I was also sent the contact information of some agencies that recruit English teachers for Thai schools. It would be an adventure for sure. Shall I go? Shall I stay?

I’m content with where I am right now, but I miss some adventure and travelling too. We’ll see…

Elf yourself

  November 14.2018

It has been decided. The kids will be Santa’s elves. They will wear a green t-shirt and a green hat. They (we) will present Santa’s work. The kids like the idea, and they are eager to learn the Christmas songs. There will be a lot of moving on the stage, so we will have to practise a lot. Also, there is a lot of decoration we will have to prepare, but we still have time. I wonder how it will work out. I’m sure it will be awsome.

There’s no stopping

  November 7.2018

Guess what! Christmas is the next holiday we have to prepare for. There will be a short performance by the kids for their families. All the relatives are welcome too. It’s time to start to learn some English Christmas songs. The Christmas cookie song will be great, just like Jingle bells, Santa Claus is coming to town, and Santa is his name-o. We still have to find a concept for the whole show, the set-up, and the costumes. No time to waste. Everything will be in English, of course.


Apples And Pumpkins

  October 31.2018

Pick the reddest apples and the best pumpkin of all. A Halloween story. And then get ready to trick or treat. We all dress up with the group as black cats and knock on some doors in the neighborhood. They’ve been expecting us. Well, with all the noise the children make in the garden every day, it is difficult to forget about the kindergarten. We get tangerines and bonbons. Everyone’s hand is full after our short walk. I help them peel the tangerine in the garden. After eating we go inside, wash our hands and teeth, and enjoy some free play.