Circle time

  March 28.2018

I started leading circle times with the children. We sing English songs together every morning! Up, down, turn around is our hello song. Then come a bunch of other songs and nursery rhymes. Then our good bye song is the good bye version of Up, down, turn around. The whole circle time lasts for about half an hour. It’s fast-paced, so the kids don’t lose their attention. Well, mostly.

Preparing for Easter

  March 21.2018

Easter is coming so all the activities are related to this holiday. Easter songs, Easter nursery rhymes, Easter stories, Easter games. Everything in English, of course.

The kids speak very basic English. What is your name? How old are you? What is your favourite colour? What is your favourite animal?

They know that the Easter bunny will bring some chocolate too, so they can’t wait for the holidays.


The kindergarten teacher

  March 14.2018

I started working at a kindergarten. I will be the kindergarten teacher of the 3 to 5 year old kids. The first thing is to learn the kids’ names and signs. This week I’m observing how things go in the kindergarten. The kids are really cute. They think I’m a foreigner because I speak only English to them. It’s useful and funny at the same time. Useful, because if they want to communicate with me they will speak English. And funny, because I understand what they talk about behind my back.

I’m a full-time English teacher!

  March 8.2018

Hello World! I’m a full-time English teacher!

It all began in 2011 in Thailand. I taught English to 5 to 10 year old Thai children and I loved it!