My name is Charlie. I’m a 43-year-old Hungarian man with a passion for teaching English to kids. The first opportunity came in 2011 when I could try myself in this role. I taught English to 5 to 10 year old Thai children in Thailand. I have been a full-time English teacher since 2018, when I started working in Hungary at Tudas-Var Nonprofit Ltd., which provides kindergarten standard activities in English as a foreign language. Here I taught English to 3 to 5 year old Hungarian children.

I have a reference letter from the owner and managing director in case you need it. In 2019 I decided to move to more exotic places from Europe and spent a short time in Vietnam where I was a guest teacher at a private English school. Here I taught English to 7 to 8 year old Vietnamese children. From May 2019 I spent a whole academic year in Thailand at a secondary school as an English teacher, teaching 13 to 17 year old Thai students. School ended in February 2020.

And now… It is time to teach English online. I’m still based in Thailand, and would love to teach children and students online. If you need an English teacher with experience, a TEFL certificate, a bachelor’s degree, a reference letter and what not, look no further.

I’m looking forward to seeing you,