Restaurant, shopping and holidays


Our topic this week for the younger students is restaurant. Students will learn and practise what to say in a restaurant. We are also talking about food. Shopping for the older ones. There are so many places where you can shop: shoe shop, clothes shop, optician’s, car dealership, supermarket, furniture shop, cake shop, fish market, candy shop, hairdresser’s, newsagent’s, greengrocer’s, book shop, jeweller’s, confectioner’s, bakery, butcher’s, florist’s, record shop, appliance store, pet shop, toy shop, chemist’s – pharmacy, cosmetics store, antique shop, travel agency, ice cream shop, hardware store, computer shop, stationer’s… There are many verbs connected to this topic too: try, cost, ask for, wrap, look at, ask, give, change, buy, get… Now we can talk about shopping. Do you enjoy shopping? How often do you go shopping? Etc. The oldest students’ topic is holidays. Destination, packing list, how to reach, things to see, things to do. Practise your English with Teacher Charlie!