I’m teaching superlatives

  January 8.2020

What is the most interesting place you have been to? Who is the most famous person in the world? What is the biggest country in the world? Which country has the largest population in the world? Which fruit has the strongest smell? What is the biggest problem in the world? What is the most expensive restaurant in your city? What is the best film you have ever seen? What is the most beautiful city? What is the most difficult language to learn? What is the most expensive thing you have ever bought for yourself? What is the most exciting sport to watch? What is the best country to live in? What is the most useful thing you have? What is the most difficult thing about studying English? What is the safest form of transport? What is the hardest subject?

The worst and the best job in the world

  December 18.2019

What do you think the worst job in the world is? What do you think the best job in the world is? Do you agree or disagree?

Application letter, Agreeing and Disagreeing

  December 11.2019

I’m teaching how to write an application letter. What do these expressions mean? Look for a job, apply for a job, job interview, get a job. What greeting and salutation are appropriate for an application letter? What should you include?

I’m teaching comparatives

  December 4.2019

This week I’m teaching comparatives to the younger students. Big-bigger, small-smaller, young-younger, old-older, fat-fatter, short-shorter, tall-taller, thin-thinner, new-newer, ugly-uglier, rich-richer, poor-poorer, hot-hotter, beautiful-more beautiful, expensive-more expensive, interesting-more interesting, good-better, bad-worse.

We are talking about ambitions with the older students. What do you want to be when you leave school? Why? What is important in a job? (Money, your boss, friendship, working hours, distance from home, happiness, etc.) What is the most important for you?

I’m teaching recommendations

  November 27.2019

Students will learn and practise how to give positive and negative recommendations. Plus: What makes you special in your class? E.g. Have you been to a place where nobody else has been? Can you do something that nobody else can do? Do you have something that nobody else has? Use a recommendation!

Practising present perfect

  November 20.2019

This week we are practising present perfect with the students. HAVE YOU EVER? -Have you ever travelled by plane/travelled by ship/bought a lottery ticket/cheated on an exam/been to a zoo/met a famous person/been in a fight/eaten frog/dreamt you could fly/visited an art museum/played baseball/made a sandcastle/had an accident/been late for school/had a pet/been to the sea/been on a concert/won anything/cried because of a film/bought anything from the internet/lost your key/forgotten someone’s birthday/tried bungee jumping/won in the lottery/run a marathon/stepped on a chewing gum/found a wallet on the street/been bitten by a dog/lost your wallet/played a musical instrument?

I’m teaching present perfect

  November 13.2019

I’m teaching present perfect to the younger classes. Have you ever visited another country?

Asking about a problem and offering help is the topic for the older classes. Related vocabulary: computer problems. Who has a computer at home? What problems can you have with your computer?

Back to school

  November 6.2019

The children are back to school and the second semester is in full swing. I’m teaching how to ask and answer „Have you ever?” questions to the younger classes. Have you ever been to a circus? Have you ever been to an amusement park? Have you ever eaten an unusual food? Have you ever ridden a horse?

Our lesson topic for the older classes is entertainment. Related vocabulary: types of films, places to go, devices. What is your favourite type of film? What can you do with these devices? Which is the most important for you?

End of semester tests

  September 25.2019

This week the students have end of semester tests. October is holiday. Let us recharge our batteries and prepare for the new semester. Talk to you in November.

I’m teaching how to tell the date

  September 18.2019

What is the date today? What was the date yesterday? What was the date the day before yesterday? What will be the date tomorrow? What will be the date the day after tomorrow? When were you born?